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Safe Passage will work to meet the ten key goals below in partnership with government, the public sector, business and civil society. We are currently developing the Safe Passage Good Governance Index around these ten themes.
Predicting crime patterns to implement proactive crime mitigation actions.
Predicting maintenance requirements of power stations to avoid downtime.
Predicting performing schools to ensure support is given where required.
Predicting mortality rates by hospital to optimize resource allocation.
Predicting maintenance requirements of pipe network avoid bursts.
Small Business
Road Safety
Predicting where and when accidents might happen to implement better controls.
Tech Access
Predicting maintenance requirements of track infrastructure to stoppages.
Public Admin
Identifying patterns in teams to ensure the best staff are in the best roles.
Predicting businesses that will succeed to give them additional support.
Identify households that don’t have access to tech to help them connect.
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