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Telco data bundle campaigns

Telco data bundle campaigns

Predict which clients will purchase a data bundle from an SMS campaign



accuracy at predicting which subscribers would purchase the bundle offering


This solution increased conversion rates of campaigns to existing customers while also minimising the communication to the customers that are unlikely to buy which reduced cost and customer spam.


This solution was built for a large mobile operator (or Telco) in Africa. Like all Telcos they send SMSs to their subscribers to get them to purchase bundle offerings. This particular offering was focused on data bundles to subscribers. Getting subscribers to purchase bundles ensures better value for money to subscribers and loyalty to the mobile operator.


We started with historical SMS campaigns and enriched these with data that defined the campaign and the subscriber including responses to previous campaigns and historical usage of the telcos services. A solution was developed using Emerge’s Dragon system. New campaigns were then run through the solution to test for accuracy.

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